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Our Custom Approach

We, at Core Wealth Management, take pride in the process that we have created integrating our educational background in behavioral finance into our investment management and financial planning work. Our process helps us get to know and understand you more fully, informing us on how to be a better guide for you.

In financial and retirement planning, our approach emphasizes identifying and clarifying your assumptions, expectations, concerns, objectives, and goals. We take time to fully understand our clients’ financial beliefs and experiences, individual and family relationships with money and the biases that may result from these. These steps are intended to increase our clients’ understanding of, and commitment to, the financial and retirement plans that we collaboratively construct with them.

It is our belief that the integration of behavioral finance helps us develop a more complete understanding of who you are and allows us to create financial plans and investment portfolios that are a better fit with your individual goals, wishes, and values.